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Alignment Hoodie

Mustard hoodie featuring a black "ALIGNMENT" logo on the front pocket of hoodie.


Are you in ALIGNMENT?


Your state of alignment can change from moment to moment, and from subject to subject. You can feel nervous about money but confident in your physical health, for example, or you might feel empowered after you achieve a goal, but disempowered when yet another problem surfaces. Gain control and align your energies.

Think of alignment in terms of inspiration. It isn’t just feeling good, but feeling ecstatic, or wonderful, and you enter into a state in which the actions flow naturally and you always seem to know the next best step to take.


Science calls this a state of flow, and is the feeling of being “in the zone.” 


Remain in your zone. Maintain Your Alignment Consistently.


merchandise collaboration @libbyhotchetto x @naquanreese

Alignment Hoodie

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